• Development of an advanced database for clinical trials integrated with an electronic patient record system.

      Newsham, A C; Johnston, C; Hall, G; Leahy, Michael G; Smith, A B; Vikram, A; Donnelly, A M; Velikova, G; Selby, P J; Fisher, S E; et al. (2011-08)
      Secondary use of patient databases is essential in healthcare if clinical trials are to progress efficiently to planned time and target and imperative if the planned UK expansion of research and development (R&D) at point of care is to be achieved. Integration of effective databases primarily designed to facilitate patient care with R&D requirements is needed but represents a complex challenge. We present a system that achieves an integrated approach with online management of complex datasets for clinical trials within care records using a specific study as an example to show functionality in practice; illustrating how this system provides an ideal resource to meet the needs of both clinicians and researchers.