• Residual deficiencies in hemopoietic precursor cell populations after repeated irradiation of mice with x-rays or neutrons: dose-response relationships.

      Xu, C; Hendry, Jolyon H; Testa, Nydia G (1986-03)
      Persistent reductions in the femoral content of hemopoietic colony-forming cells (CFU-S and GM-CFC) were observed after four doses of irradiation, delivered with three weeks between doses. In general, the reductions were dose dependent, and similar reductions were produced by single doses and repeated doses using the same total dose. After the lowest doses investigated, 4 X 0.75 Gy 300-kVp x-rays or 4 X 0.38 Gy 14.7-MeV neutrons, the recovered levels remained at 60%-80% of control for at least one year after irradiation. The relative biological effectiveness (RBE) of neutrons is about 2 for these long-term hemopoietic deficiencies.