• A chromosome 14q11/TCR alpha/delta specific yeast artificial chromosome improves the detection rate and characterization of chromosome abnormalities in T-lymphoproliferative disorders.

      Rack, K A; Cornélis, F; Radford-Weiss, I; Bernheim, A; Harrison, Christine J; Hermine, O; Prieur, M; Vekemans, M; Macintyre, E A; Department of Hematology, Hopital Necker Enfants Malades, Paris, France. (1997-08-01)
      The rate of detection of chromosome abnormalities in T-cell proliferations is lower than that observed in B-cell malignancies. The former frequently involve the TCR alpha/delta locus at chromosome band 14q11. We have identified a YAC encompassing 70% of the TCR alpha/delta locus, which has been used as a fluorescence in situ hybridization probe to detect chromosome rearrangements involving 14q11, both at metaphase and within interphase nuclei, in patients with a variety of T-lymphoproliferative disorders. Its use allowed detection of previously unsuspected TCR alpha/delta rearrangements in 4/13 (30%) immature T-lineage acute leukemias, including two t(10;14) and 2 minor inversion 14s. It also clarified interpretation of complex chromosome 14 abnormalities in mature T-cell proliferations (T-prolymphocytic leukemia and ataxia telangiectasia). Use of this probe will aid the detection and characterization of abnormalities involving the TCR alpha/delta locus, particularly in cases with normal or complex karyotypes and in those proliferations for which mitoses are difficult to obtain.