• A comparison of computer methods for the analysis of fraction labelled mitoses curves.

      Hartmann, N R; Gilbert, C W; Jansson, B; MacDonald, P D; Steel, G G; Valleron, A J; Finsen Laboratory, Copenhagen, Denmark (1975-03)
      Computer methods developed by the authors for analysis of fraction labelled mitoses curves (FLM curves) have been compared. Four test examples were used in the study; the first example was the synthesis of a FLM curve with fixed parameters and the others involved fitting actual data. Experimental FLM curves showing various degrees of damping were used in the curve fitting tests. In each test example the comparison was based on the assumptions of exponential growth, a growth fraction of unity and no cell loss. In three of the test examples good agreement between the methods was observed but in one example some important discrepancies arose in the analysis of a heavily damped FLM curve.