• European multicenter study on LOH of APOC3 at 11q23 in 766 breast cancer patients: relation to clinical variables. Breast Cancer Somatic Genetics Consortium.

      Launonen, V; Laake, K; Huusko, P; Niederacher, D; Beckmann, M W; Barkardottir, R B; Geirsdottir, E K; Gudmundsson, J; Rio, P; Bignon, Y J; et al. (1999-05)
      High frequencies of loss of heterozygosity (LOH) in chromosome 11q22-qter have been observed in various malignancies, including breast cancer. Previous studies on breast carcinomas by Winqvist et al (Cancer Res 55: 2660-2664) have indicated that a survival factor gene is located in band 11q23, and that the highly informative microsatellite polymorphism at the APOC3 locus would be a suitable tool to perform more extensive LOH studies. In this European multicentre study, we have examined the occurrence of APOC3 LOH and evaluated the effect of LOH of this chromosomal subregion on the clinical behaviour of the disease in a cohort of 766 breast cancer patients in more detail. LOH for APOC3 was found in 42% of the studied tumours, but it was not found to be significantly associated with any of the studied clinical variables, including cancer-specific survival time or survival time after recurrent/metastatic disease. According to the present findings, the putative survival factor gene on 11q23 is not located close enough to the APOC3 gene, but apparently at a more proximal location.