• EACR-MRS conference on Seed and Soil: In Vivo Models of Metastasis.

      Teles Alves, I; Cohen, N; Ersan, P; Eyre, Rachel; Godet, I; Holovanchuk, D; Jackstadt, R; Kyjacova, L; Mahal, K; Noguera-Castells, A; et al. (2017-12)
      New experimental tools are urgently required to better understand the metastatic process. The importance of such tools is underscored by the fact that many anti-cancer therapies are generally ineffective against established metastases. This makes a major contribution to the fact that metastatic spread is responsible for over 90% of cancer patient deaths. It was therefore timely that the recent "Seed and Soil: In Vivo Models of Metastasis" conference held in Berlin, Germany (27-29 of November 2017) aimed to give an in-depth overview of the latest research models and tools for studying metastasis, and to showcase recent findings from world-leading metastasis researchers. This Meeting Report summarises the major themes of this ground-breaking conference.