• Regional localization of a trophoblast antigen-related sequence and 16 other sequences to human chromosomes 6q using somatic cell hybrids.

      Boyle, John M; Hey, Yvonne; Myers, Kevin A; Stern, Peter L; Grzeschik, F H; Ikehara, Y; Misumi, Y; Fox, M; Department of Cancer Genetics, Paterson Institute for Cancer Research, Christie Hospital and Holt Radium Institute, Manchester, United Kingdom. (1992-04)
      Using a panel of 13 hybrid cell lines, we have regionally localized 22 markers to the long arm of chromosome 6. Revised or new locations are provided for 17 of the markers, and preliminary assignments to chromosome 6 of 11 loci are confirmed. The location of NT5, previously determined by antigen expression in hybrids, has been confirmed at 6q14-q15 by using a cDNA probe. Other DNA probes include one new anonymous sequence, designated D6S130, that maps to 6q12 and 4 VNTR probes that map to the proterminal band, 6q27. Probe CRI-L1065 also maps to 6q21, CRI-994 maps to 6q21-qter, and CRI-L322 maps to 6q14-15, information that may assist the merging of physical and genetic maps.