• Intracystic interferon-alpha in pediatric craniopharyngioma patients: an international multicenter assessment on behalf of SIOPE and ISPN.

      Kilday, John-Paul; Caldarelli, M; Massimi, L; Chen, R; Lee, Y; Liang, M; Parkes, J; Naiker, T; van Veelen, M; Michiels, E; et al. (2017-10-01)
      Craniopharyngiomas are frequent hypothalamo-pituitary tumors in children, presenting predominantly as cystic lesions. Morbidity from conventional treatment has focused attention on intracystic drug delivery, hypothesized to cause fewer clinical consequences. However, the efficacy of intracystic therapy remains unclear. We report the retrospective experiences of several global centers using intracystic interferon-alpha.