• Radiosensitivity of murine hemopoietic colony-forming units assayed in situ in the rib and in other marrow sites.

      Hendry, Jolyon H; Schofield, Raymond; Bwire, N; Paterson Laboratories, Christie Hospital and Holt Radium Institute, Manchester M20 9BX, UK. (1986-03)
      The radiosensitivity of murine hemopoietic colony-forming cells, which produce colonies in situ and which were counted at Day 8 after irradiation in sections of the femur, humerus, sternum, and spleen, is characterized by a D0 value of 91 +/- 9 cGy. The radiosensitivity of such cells in the rib was assessed using a new technique measuring regeneration or ablation of marrow in transverse sections of ribs observed at Day 8 after irradiation. The mean D0 value over a range determined using several different criteria was 108 cGy. These results provide evidence for the common assumptions that radiosensitivity measured using conventional transplantation assays reflects radiosensitivity in situ, and that the radiosensitivity of stem cells in different medullary marrow sites is similar. The techniques could be used with other species where assays for stem cells are not available.