• Transient structure associated with the spindle pole body directs meiotic microtubule reorganization in S. pombe.

      Funaya, C; Samarasinghe, S; Pruggnaller, S; Ohta, M; Connolly, Yvonne; Müller, J; Murakami, H; Grallert, Agnes; Yamamoto, M; Smith, Duncan L; et al. (2012-04-10)
      Vigorous chromosome movements driven by cytoskeletal assemblies are a widely conserved feature of sexual differentiation to facilitate meiotic recombination. In fission yeast, this process involves the dramatic conversion of arrays of cytoplasmic microtubules (MTs), generated from multiple MT organizing centers (MTOCs), into a single radial MT (rMT) array associated with the spindle pole body (SPB), the major MTOC during meiotic prophase. The rMT is then dissolved upon the onset of meiosis I when a bipolar spindle emerges to conduct chromosome segregation. Structural features and molecular mechanisms that govern these dynamic MT rearrangements are poorly understood.