• Can communication skills be taught?

      Maguire, Peter; Christie Hospital, Manchester. (1990-03)
      Basic interviewing skills can be learned at undergraduate and postgraduate level, providing effective methods are used. These include demonstration of key skills, practice under controlled conditions, and audiotape or videotape feedback of performance by a tutor within small groups. More complex skills can also be learned but may not be used or maintained without ongoing training and supervision.
    • Evaluation of educational methods in dermatology and confidence levels: a national survey of UK medical students.

      Chiang, Yi Zhen; Tan, Kian Tjon; Chiang, Yi Ning; Burge, Susan M; Griffiths, Christopher E M; Verbov, Julian L; Department of Medicine, Salford Royal National Health Service Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK. chiangyizhen@gmail.com (2011-02)
      The high prevalence of skin conditions makes dermatology education an essential part of the undergraduate medical curriculum. The aim of this study was to assess the impact of different educational methods on confidence levels in dermatology among UK medical students.