• TEDDI: radiotherapy delivery in deep inspiration for pediatric patients - a NOPHO feasibility study.

      Lundgaard, A; Hjalgrim, L; Rechner, L; Josipovic, M; Joergensen, M; Aznar, Marianne Camille; Berthelsen, A; Borgwardt, L; Johansen, C; Loft, A; et al. (2018-03-27)
      Radiotherapy (RT) delivered in deep inspiration breath-hold (DIBH) is a simple technique, in which changes in patient anatomy can significantly reduce the irradiation of the organs at risk (OARs) surrounding the treatment target. DIBH is routinely used in the treatment of some adult patients to diminish the risk of late effects; however, no formalized studies have addressed the potential benefit of DIBH in children.