• Dosimetry-based treatment planning for molecular radiotherapy: a summary of the 2017 report from the Internal Dosimetry Task Force.

      Stokke, C; Gabiña, P; Solný, P; Cicone, F; Sandström, M; Gleisner, K; Chiesa, C; Spezi, E; Paphiti, M; Konijnenberg, M; et al. (2017-11-21)
      The European directive on basic safety standards (Council directive 2013/59 Euratom) mandates dosimetry-based treatment planning for radiopharmaceutical therapies. The directive comes into operation February 2018, and the aim of a report produced by the Internal Dosimetry Task Force of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine is to address this aspect of the directive. A summary of the report is presented.