• Chronic myeloid leukemia presenting as compartment syndrome with acute loss of upper limb function

      D'Souza, Natasha; Somervaille, Tim C P; Mowatt, David J; Department of Surgery, The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, United Kingdom. (2021)
      Hematological malignancies rarely present with spontaneous haematomas (Lakhotia et al., 2015 [1]). Although cutaneous and mucous membrane bleeds do occur in chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) due to quantitative or qualitative platelet abnormalities, deep soft tissue bleeds are rare (Lakhotia et al., 2015 [1]). We report the case of a 49 year old man presenting with an acute hematoma of the left biceps brachii causing compartment syndrome of his left upper limb leading to flaccid paralysis. He underwent surgical evacuation of the hematoma and investigations revealed that he had CML with leukemic infiltration in the biceps brachii.