• Growth impairment in children treated for brain tumours.

      Shalet, Stephen M; Beardwell, Colin G; Aarons, B M; Pearson, D; Morris Jones, P H; Christie Hospital, Withington, Manchester, M20 4BX, UK (1978-06)
      Growth and growth hormone (GH) secretion were studied in 14 children with brain tumours before radiation and chemotherapy and at various time intervals afterwards. The peak GH response to hypoglycaemia was normal in all patients before radiation. In 6 patients the peak GH response was impaired 1 year after radiation, and in a seventh it was normal at 1 year but impaired 2 years after radiation. In 12 of 13 patients the growth velocity during the first year of chemotherapy was below the 3rd centile, although none of these had an initial standing height below the 3rd centile. Thus it appears that poor growth in such children occurs irrespective of whether radiation-induced GH deficiency develops. The cause of this impaired growth is unknown.