• Lifestyle intervention in individuals with impaired glucose regulation affects Caveolin-1 expression and DNA methylation

      Fachim, HA; Siddals, K; Malipatil, N; Donn, RP; Moreno, GY; Dalton, CF; Adam, Safwaan; Soran, H; Gibson, JM; Heald, AH; et al. (2020)
      AIMS: We investigated whether a lifestyle intervention could influence expression and DNA methylation of diabetes-related genes in patients with impaired glucose regulation (IGR), the results were compared to bariatric surgery, considering it an intensive change. METHODS: Twenty participants with IGR had adipose tissue biopsy and blood collected pre- and post-lifestyle (6 months) intervention; 12 obese patients had subcutaneous fat taken before and after bariatric surgery. RNA/DNA was extracted from all samples and underwent qPCR. DNA was bisulphite converted and 12 CpG sites of Caveolin-1 (CAV1) promoter were pyrosequenced. RESULTS: lifestyle intervention resulted in opposite direction changes in fat tissue and blood for CAV1 expression and DNA methylation and these changes were correlated between tissues, while no significative differences were found in CAV1 expression after bariatric surgery. CONCLUSIONS: Our findings suggest a role for CAV1 in modulating adipocyte function as a consequence of lifestyle changes, as exercises and diet. These results may provide insights into new therapeutic targets for diabetes prevention.